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2 years ago

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I have been married for over 11 years, and havea good sex life but can not stop thinking that we can add a little spice we need rawtube sex, and in the past by reading what the hell, I've seen so fucking obsessed with my wife anotherman I posted an add -on here looking for someone. I knew my wife, who is 35yo handsome and very good in bed when the mood takes demanding and knew I had to find someone young and a bit of a surfer -type, I wonder why , will be watching out about 30 Reply I found someone who I thought would do the job, which was 24 rawtube yoa typical young cheeky, so I set out for the door in search of practical work knowck Mans before this i, women complained that I was not the time to do different work at home, but I've set a date for him to knock on the door, and my rawtube wife said she would talk to me, and told him that came to home from work, home, and she told me that a man was offerin services such initiatives to which I said great, you get it on wiª not mention to me he was still young longs locks of hair and very fit in the structure of meaning, so I said she had instructed, on Monday also confirmed it started, and therefore has a long story short, about 4 times every time I visited tellign had gotten a small and friendly with her, my wife never told me anything so Thuis liked to be, like the final, said it was the practical man to make the train on a Friday afternoon. FoW so work continued as usual, and asked if they had to work a practical man, who said he had paid for having fun, so I thought what he was more to the left, also was 2. 00 arranged for him to see what to do, so I went back to around 2 my car parked on the street and saw that wouldnt notice, leaving their car in the record, I'm in a very quiet and their silence was a aprt of a slight noise above what dragged to see my wife on her knees, with the key one of the guys in her mouth, which was about 7 "First he was spitting all over it and taste like a pro, they also say that between straw and suck it, I've never been unfaithful, I met one of the requests, but she said she could fix his re -examination, he caught slowy mouth, then he has picked it up and took her to our room, but I could see the door, but a faint murmers of so rawtube peeped through the crack in the door, saw and both were stripped of kissing while others rawtube moved slowy his foreskin back and forth, I have also noticed that his hand was rubbing her pussy, which she rawtube always kept clean him up anyway and to my surprise was not wearing a condom, then she lay on the bed and took her time and whispers a lover 's ear, now my dick was always hard and I know I should come and see what was the answer, but I rawtube did, he took it for about 20 minutes, and saw his pussy was when after some time rawtube became low and swollenstroked his cock until I saw her tight butt cheeks, and filled up that were imposed a few minutes with him just last ball sloly droup of semen, and then walked away like a bitch, she got out and went the language clean. ot left and returned rawtube home as usual, went in and my wife was as hot as anyhting and just have had our lives hell, and I know she has not seen him win and I think I just needed something to re- to emotion, and for some reason now suscking loves my cock and swallows the lot

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